Red Sun Farms Greenhouse Grown Produce

Artisan Series .

Artisan Series

Our growers are proud to be artisans. Their passion, love and skill for growing greenhouse produce sets them apart.

Organic Series .

Organic Series

100% Non-GMO varieties. Our pristine growing conditions allow us to produce under the best growing conditions.

Tomatoes .


Our tomatoes are available year round, always fresh, and serve as healthy, economical additives to meals, or even substitutes.

Sweet Bell Peppers .

Bell Peppers

Our vine-ripened bell peppers, available in red, orange and yellow, are produced under the best growing conditions.

Cucumbers .


Seedless, succulent and greenhouse perfect, Red Sun Farms refreshingly crisp Long English and Mini cucumbers are ready for slicing.

Eggplant .


Red Sun Farms offers two types of mini eggplants, one is a deep purple shade and the other has violet striations.

Recent News

C10MACC2014-pos-RGBRed Sun Farms was¬†recognized as one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures for having a culture that has impacted its performance.
Dublin, VA Greenhouse Grand Opening Photo Gallery
The doors of our newest greenhouse location in Dublin, Virginia are officially open!